Bright Futures, Young Adult Carer’s Day of Adventure

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Young Adult Carers at Skern Lodge

On Saturday 1st May a group of young adult carers overcame fears and challenges, flew high and built friendships at Skern Lodge in Northam.

The Outdoor Activity Centre lead three teams of young adult carers, and their Transition Workers, through an exciting day of activities.

Many fears of heights were overcome as they learnt to trust their harnesses and teammates and were able to be fully in the moment and enjoy the experience.

Comments were heard among the group of how this was the first time many had been out properly with others since lockdown and how it was a welcomed break from their caring role and responsibilities at home. The day was so full and well run that there was little time to think about anything apart from the task at hand and how much fun they were having.

“It was such an incredible feeling being able to meet the Young Adult Carers face to face after such a long time being restricted to video calls. To spend time with these inspirational young people, having fun, conquering fears (including my own!) and hearing them discuss their caring role openly with one another was such a privilege.” Says Caya Munro, Transition Worker for TTVS’s project Bright Futures.

It was also a great opportunity for two of our newly appointed Ambassadors to step into their new role too. Rowan was allocated his own group and commented:

“This was my very first day out with bright futures as an Ambassador! So I was really felt privileged to support and actively encourage a group of my own for the first time and the fact that Caya and Tracy had enough trust in me to let me do that. I can’t wait for the next one.”  

It was a fantastic day, made possible by Active Devon without whose support the day would not have been possible.

Here are a few comments from the amazing young adult carers that attended.

“It was a brilliant day from start to end! Being around with so many wonderful people, doing amazing things has been a breath of life for me. I've visited loads when I was young and hope not to stop visiting for a long time from now! It's always been a refreshingly active experience."” Sam

“I had a really fun day, it was so nice to have the opportunity to do activities that I wouldn’t have done otherwise like archery and kayaking. It was also great to do team building exercises and just socialise especially after being in lockdown!” Indigo

“Skern was such a fun day and it great to work with others overcome challenges. It was great to take a break from my caring role and overcome my own personal challenges. I can't wait for another trip ”  Karina

“Thank you for a lovely day out, I had so much fun” Katie

“I had an awesome day thank you so much xx” Rosie

Our funders:

  • Torridge District Council
  • Lottery Community Fund
  • Northam Town Council
  • Bideford Bridge Trust
  • Bideford TC
  • BBC Children in Need
  • Devon County Council
  • European Union: European Social Fund